Thursday, January 8, 2009

Newsletter Jan 09

Welcome to our first Nirvana News for the year!

Firstly I would like to congratulate our December WINNER

Michelle Sand

who won a copy of her favorite Nirvana Visions artwork as a glossy wall mount:

Michelle was very excited about her win. Thankyou to all who entered our Christmas competition.


Start the year with a WIN!

To enter our January competition, all you need to do is sign up 3 of your best pals to receive our Newsletters and your name (and theirs) will go into the draw to win a Mounted Nirvana Visions Print of choice!!!

Just email me with the email addresses of your 3 chosen pals (please make sure that they approve of you sending me their emails first!) e.g.:
coolest friend coolestfriend@blah
best friend bestfriend@blah
goddess gal pal goddessgalpal@blah

Competition will be drawn 31st January

It's Official

Color and art make the world a happier place!!!
I came to this realization when, over Christmas, I splashed out a little and bought myself some pink clothes pegs, some rainbow dish gloves and a rainbow broom. In the days that followed this seemingly wasteful purchase... I glanced out into the back yard, and I got a little tingle of happiness and a little smile crept over my face as the pink pegs caught my eye. They look so bright and fun amidst all the drab washing. All of a sudden, I am excited about hanging the washing out and I will use ONLY the pink pegs :-) I take great delight in donning my rainbow dish gloves as I am scrubbing and scouring and I must admit that i feel a little more like a domestic Goddess than a cleaner now.

I have definitively decided that splashes of color make the world a happier place and in I am ready and inspired for another year of art to bring delight to the world (like I need another excuse to paint).

Product of the Month
A beautiful 'refillable' flip top lighter at just $24.98!

Cristina's House of Hope
Available in gift card, framed print, laminated print and glossy wall mount... from $4.20

This artwork has been commissioned by and donated to “Cristina’s House of Hope”.

Cristina’s House of Hope (Incorporated), is being set up as a charitable organization, to be the First Port of Call for women and children in crisis of sexual abuse, through which other services in our community will be called upon for their expertise and support.

All profits from sales of this image will be donated directly to Cristina’s House of Hope to go towards creating a more complete and loving future for us all :-)

Both Cristina and I welcome your support in this great endeavor.

Summer Sale

- only available to newsletter subscribers through our Nirvana Visions Blog
3 fabulous paintings at very low prices! Please click on the blog link above to view the images. Available only for January!

Affirmation for the Month:

"I am beauty-full"

Latest Paintings
Golden Dawn
The world will be her stage and she will be always bathed in golden light...
Available as gift card, framed print, laminated print and glossy wall mount from $4.20!


Allow your self to be swept into this moment… hold your breath and simply wait for the next adventure, as we all did at this age… no doubt while saying “I’m bored”.

Original available at $1400.

Acrylic on Canvas
110×150 x 3.5cm

Available as gift card, framed print, laminated print and glossy wall mount from $4.20

I hope that you have enjoyed this newsletter and I look forward to hearing back from each of you. Please follow the links or contact me directly to organize purchasing your own inspirations from Nirvana Visions.

More products can be found at the web site.

Love and Light,

Tara Spicer
Nirvana Visions

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Nirvana News... coming soon

Coming soon!
New Paintings... New Competition... New blog...
Feast your eyes and warm your heart.


Welcome to 2009!

I hope that you are all inspired for a beautiful year filled with color and spirit...

I will be launching my first newsletter of the year shortly and it will be an auspicious collection of new works, opportunities and inspiring affirmations to bring a little bit of fantastic into your day.

I am opening this year with a special work that has already sold...

Golden Dawn (featured above).

She is also available as a gift card, print, printed canvas and framed print through red bubble
I hope that you enjoy her company :-)

Love and Light,
Tara Spicer
Nirvana Visions