Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Behind the scenes...

Well it's the final days leading up to Christmas and I have been a very busy artist... but not on the canvas.... nope, now that I am painting in my new favorite medium of mural paints, nothing is safe! I have decided that my kitchen table needs to be white, with two white chairs, one purple glitter chair for my daughter and one blue chair for my son.

Note the plastic cover to try to prolong this new fad. I never thought I would be the kind of mother that puts plastic over everything, but look out sofa, you might be covered next!
Following this, the kids' trundle bed needed to be magicked into blue and their door into an auspicious color called 'Yeeha'!

I finally ran out of energy after creating my absolute favourite addition to mix... the 'hot seat'. I love love love this humble chair painted undeniably red! It is the centre piece of my inspiration corner and the icing on the cake to get my mind turning and ideas happening.

My P.A. Leighdoll just loves to sit in the 'hot seat' when I am not using it. I think she is also the same one that makes all the mess and spills the paint on the carpet while I am sleeping.

And thanks to the rainy weather so far this holiday, I have finally created my new workspace and the above-mentioned inspiration spot where all the magic happens.

Balls of colorful yarn, magazines, knitted dolls, crystals, Ruby Shoes and flowers...Just add a cup of tea, and I am in heaven.

I would love to hear what kind of things inspire you!... so if you have a moment and a cup of tea in hand, email me, or leave a comment on this blog, with the things around your home that bring a smile to YOUR face.. you never know, they could end up in a painting!!!

Merry Christmas to you all and I hope your holidays are filled with much delight, time out, rest, adventure and laughter...

Tara Spicer.
Nirvana Visions.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Buy direct ... new store!

Now buying is even easier than ever!!! Check out our new shop direct, at the infamous home made and loved store of Etsy!

Buy that final, original and unique gift for those hard to buy relatives and warm their hearts...

I look forward to seeing you there,
Tara Spicer.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Nature Girl

A new addition to my outdoor art range "Nature Girl"
This photo just simply can't capture the exquisiteness of this beautiful piece! It has layers of resin and paint and souffle pen that all wind and weave into each other with a beautiful flow of serenity. I just can't stop looking at this artwork. It brings me such delicate delight :-)

Nature Girl is suitable for both indoor or outdoor (in the shade) display.

Please contact me if you wish to purchase this original work at $440.
It measures 60 x 60 cm and will be having its final coat of resin this week.
This work and others can be purchased also through

Christmas Wishes,
Tara Spicer.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

New outdoor painting

Hello friends and fans...

Well it's that time of year and these beautiful new outdoor artworks for your garden are simply selling like hotcakes! Another one sold a couple of days ago, but I have been working hard to come up with some beautiful new ones for you...

Here is "my garden is so sweet" with her stylized lollipop flowers:
At 60 x 60cm and totally glossy and ready for your garden or outdoor area, you can now invest in this work at just $220.

Happy holidays,
Tara Spicer
Nirvana Visions.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

New outdoor work...

Hello friends and fans,
I wanted to give you a sneak peek at my newest Garden Gallery work titled "Bella Blue Bird".
Suitable to withstand the elements outdoors, you can mount this 60 x 60cm painting to your fence within your garden, in your pool area or to the exterior of your house. Now selling at $220.

Dancing through the Dandelions was the first to sell and they will be availble through retails stores too soon.

Please let me know if you would like to purchase Bella Blue Bird, and be sure to check out the others now available here!

Warm Regards and Christmas Wishes,
Tara Spicer

Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Gifts...!

Kindered friends,
If you haven't done it already... check out Frugsil Gallery for some incredibly beautiful and unique Christmas Gifts...

So so so beautiful :-)
Coming soon to this site fabulous Tasmanian based artist Carmen Cilliers!!!!!

Tara Spicer
Nirvana Visions.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Featured artist *-)

Hello friends and fans,

I just wanted to let you know that I have been invited to be the featured artist for a beautiful online resourse 'Spirited Womens' Network'. I completed the interview recently and it will be being launched in the near future. It is a beautiful and resourceful site and I encourage those interested to check it out.

Welcome to Spirited Women’s Network - an information and inspiration site for Sunshine Coast Women. I offer Spirited Women’s Network as a way to use the collective expertise, wisdom and experience of the women featured in this site to assist you and inspire you.

I will send a link when the interview is showcased.

On another note, Nirvana Visions was also recently nominated for the Regional Achievement and Community Awards! Very Very exciting...

Warm Wishes,
Tara Spicer.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

A Chrissy Gift for your Garden

Hi Guys,
Make your garden or a friends' garden a decadent gallery that embellishes their style...

Dancing Through the Dandelions
60 x 60cm
*Protected against UV and Graffiti and will last many years outdoors!
These works are completely original and suitable for all weather outdoors positions along your fence, or wall, or in the pool area...

Just respond to this email to enquire about purchasing and other possible designs... even have one tailored to suit your or your friends' desires!!!

Click on the painting to be taken to our current outdoor range catalogue.

Tara Spicer.
Nirvana Visions.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Garden Gallery!

Hi there friends and fans,

We are coming into Christmas and so I thought it might be nice to launch a completey new product!!!
So here it is, my Garden Gallery range of works.
This new range of works offers two options:
Sunny Side Up original works that are suitable for the full range of weather! These works will bring color and delight to your garden and can be hung on the fence, your walls, at your entrance or mounted to a tree or cubby house! They are all weather, UV and graffiti protected. At 60cm by 60cm these works are now selling at $240 each.

Shady Characters original works are suitable for outdoors but only in the shade. These works offer intricate layers of aacrylic paint and resin that mingle together to create a look of great intricacy and depth. Some of these works even have semi-precious stones embedded within the layers of resin. At 60cm by 60cm, these works are now available at $440 each.

I only have two of these works available at present but am working on another 6 to be finished before Christmas. Please contact me if you would like to purchase one of these works or have one tailored for your own Garden Gallery.

Warm Regards,
Tara Spicer
Nirvana Visions.

Friday, August 13, 2010

A glimpse of the studio!

Hi guys,
A sneak peek into the studio...
Fabulously beautiful Fine Art Prints now available!
Latest Work...
Work in progress...

Beautiful new Fine Art Prints to Canvas and Paper are now available of all your favorite images!
Fina Art Archival Prints to paper are available at $24 and sized at A4 sizing.
Fine Art Canvas Prints are available at $120 (stretched onto a frame and ready to hang) each sized at roughly 30 x 40cm.
These works look delicious and are very affordable! Please contact me to order your favorite work in print format (shipping not included in these prices). PH:0417231350.

I thought that I might take a moment to invite you all into a small part of my art studio... featuring my latest (and almost finished work)...
My favorite apron for painting in...

My current commissioned work about to be painted on the left, my books and trinkets of inspiration and my almost completed "The Constant Traveler". This commissioned piece on the left is of 3 beautiful boys flying in an Open Cock-Pit Plane over a cloudy landscape... I can't wait to see it finished, it is already looking fantastic and it is only drawn in in pencil!
There's nothing like a bowl of fresh flowers for inspiration (Teddy Sunflowers provided by Flax Flower in Birtwill St, Coolum)

My latest work "The Constant Traveler" up closer... a beautiful, resin coated and luscious work featuring hand crocheted flower, paper birds cut from local maps of the Sunshine Coast, lace and wallpaper!
Featured poetry encased within the layers of resin.

Flower detail of painted and collage flower.

I am super excited about this current project. With only one coat of resin she looks amazing! i will be ordering more resin today and hopefully completing the painting by the end of next week. She will be on display at Flax Flower as soon as she is ready.

"The Constant Traveler" will be available for purchase through myself or through Flax Flower in Coolum at $640. Please let me know if you would like to put her on hold for you PH:0417231350.

That's all from me and my studio for today. I hope that you have a great weekend.

Tara Spicer.
Nirvana Visions.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A great night out!

Hi there friends and fans,

I would like to invite you to attend an evening of art, culture, music and a night of fabulous fund raising on the 21st of this month. At this event one of our favorite art teachers here at Nirvana Visions is being honored as an outstanding member of the public and of the art community through her incredibly beautiful and inspired work that she has donated to help raise funds that will go towards protecting Dingo's on Fraser Island.

Both Leigh and myself will be attending this event and we would love to see you there.

Tickets must be bought prior to the event and are available only through the link given below.

Warm Regards,
Tara Spicer.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Print to Canvas

Hello Friends and Fans,

Exciting news... A limited selection of original works by Nirvana Visions are now available as Canvas Prints!

What does this mean? Well now you can purchase your favorite paintings printed to canvas and ready to hang.

Canvas Prints are printed with Fine Art Inks and are sized at about 30 by 40 cm making them easy to hang anywhere in your home or sanctuary.

Our Canvas Prints will be selling at $120 each... what a great gift!

Original Works to choose from will include:

"The Magic and the Mundane"

"Far Far Far Away"

"You and Me with a Pot of Tea In the Flower Garden"

 "Drenched in Magic"
and many many more.

Canvas Prints will be available through myself and through Kindle The Child based in Melbourne and soon to open their new shop doors (stay tuned).

I will be re-vamping our website to cater for online direct print sales in the next week or so!

If you would like to order Canvas Prints before the site is ready and before Kindle The Child opens their doors, you can do so right now by emailing me with your order and your shipping address and you will receive FREE SHIPPING!!! For a short time only, so get your orders in!

Stay tuned for more great news from Nirvana Visions,
Warm Regards,
Tara Spicer.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Book Launch

Around the World in the Blink of an Eye

A fabulous book, just released by Wee Press and written by Lou Hood, that just happens to feature a commissioned illustration by yours truly (pictured at the left of this image). The book depicts through artists works, what might be happening at one particular moment in any place around the world. It is an artistic feast as well as an educational and eye opening experience to share with your kids that embraces all cultures and landscapes.

Follow the Wee Press link to find out more!

Tara Spicer
Nirvana Visions.

Art for Feng Shui

Art combines well with Feng Shui...

Not sure which painting should go where in your home / office?

If you are curious at all about Feng Shui or the flow of energy into your life... then get ready for a great little tip! According to Ellen Whitehurst in late July, Red Birds will bring good news:

July 23: ..." good news is on its way.  What else could that planetary pairing possibly mean?  PREPARE.  It’s coming.  Put some birdseed up your walkway or images of red birds in the FAME area of your house!  Birds bring good news.  So does this day!  Enjoy"

So if you have a painting of Red Birds, shift it now to the Fame area of your home / office.
If not, I will be releasing a small series of Red Bird paintings, some of which will be on display at Flax Flower in Birtwill St. Coolum in the coming weeks.

Here is the first of this beautiful series (inspired by an unknown artist)
Acrylic, Silver Leaf, Charcoal and Feather on Canvas.
This one is not for sale... but I will be posting my Red Bird sale items very soon!

Tara Spicer,
Nirvana Visions.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Gift Vouchers

Incredibly beautiful, NEW Gift Vouchers are now available through Nirvana Visions and are redeemable for Original Works, Art Classes, Private Art Classes and Art Workshops! The perfect gift for friends with an arty inclination...
Contact me to purchase a gift voucher for any special occasion and I will organize gift wrap and postage.
Tara Spicer.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Give Me 5 For Kids

Nirvana Visions News
The annual Give me Five For Kids Art Auction was hosted last night at the Maroochydore surf club by Mix FM and it was a very exciting event where a lot of well known artists donated their art for this wonderful cause.

"Paper Boat Dreams" - was the piece that I donated..... and it sold in the Live Auction for $1200 - to the very happy Jennifer Reginato.

In total, we raised over $9000 for Mix FM Give Me five for kids; who donate all proceeds to the children's wing in the Nambour Hospital on the Sunshine coast.

What a great way to say thankyou to those who have helped our children through sickness and tough times, and to help those children still in need of urgent medical help. A big thanks to Caroline Hutchinson (pictured below) who has a way of raising the spirits of all within a room, by simply being there and being herself...

If you would like to be a part of this fantastic fundraiser in 2011, please contact me for more information.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Get your pencils ready...

Drawing Day is happening this June 5th!

I will be adding my own magic to this day and I would love to see some of yours there too!

If you have the time, get a little crafty with a pencil and upload your work. Just visit the page for details.

Tara Spicer.

Friday, May 28, 2010


You are invited to my latest exhibition of works, on show at Martin Gallery in Brisbane from June 2nd 2010.

Opening night is Thurs, June 10

I will definitely be there for the opening night and would love to see you there.

Tara Spicer.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Lethbridge 10000

Hello friends and fans,

Lethbridge 10000 was held last night at the Lethbridge Gallery in Paddington, Brisbane. A fabulous night and "Magic Maker in My Mind" was one of the first to sell. I am a little bit sad to see this one go but I know that it will bring great joy to the buyer and all who see it in its new home :-)

Zoe was the belle of the ball as everyone asked if it was her in the painting.

I have created two new works for exhibition at Martin Gallery in Brisbane. Exhibition commences 2nd June. These two new works are both 150 x 120 x 3.5 cm, magic and beauty packed into every inch!

Far Far Away
150 x 120 x 3.5cm
Acrylic on Gallery Linen.

Far far away,

In the landscape of my mind,

There she is, so close and so real.

And there is magic all around

And mists of cool appeal.

Her bare feet dangling in the air,

She rides her horse, without a care.

Oh how I wish it was me being there.

Magic & Mundane
150 x 120 c 3.5cm
Acrylic on Gallery Linen.

May magic and mundane,

Now finally blend,

In perfect harmony,

To the very end.

Where magic will be all,

In this life to prevail,

And spirit surely fill,

The empty ragged sail.

Tara Spicer
Nirvana Visions.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Art workshop on Saturday 1st May titled "Soul Flowers".

At this workshop I will be guiding participants through a fun and expressive day where you will find and connect with the colors that make your soul sing and we will be creating works that are expressive of your own signature style. The workshop will be from 10am to 2 pm and for a fee of $80 will include guided tuition, paints and materials and some soul nurturing tea and snacks. You will need to bring your own canvas and some lunch with a dash of inspiration!

Please email me if you wish to book your place...

Tuesday, March 23, 2010



Available through the new Artworkers Gallery / Office in Paddington, Brisbane over Easter.

If you love love love it, then you can buy it through me directly here at Nirvana Visions!

61 x 122.1 x 3.5cm
Acrylic on Gallery Linen.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

New Works

Hello Fellow Art lovers,

I would like to introduce to you my two latest works, now available through Tina Cooper Gallery at Eumundi PH:07 54428110.

Mysterious Moments Within My Mind

153 x 76 x 3.5cm
Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Gallery Linen.

Accompanying Writing:
Gentle moments in my mind,
as my soul does so unwind
and in this time

and in my mind,
the mysteries of life grow kind

Degage - To disengage from worry...

90 x 120 x 3.5cm
Acrylic on Gallery Linen.

Accompanying Writing:

To disengage from worry,

Easy manner

Sunday morning, Soul adrift

And cool liquid silk of blue

Caresses every part of you

Please feel free to contact myself or Tina Cooper Gallery if you are interested in purchasing either of these decadent and soul soothing works for your home / office.

Tara Spicer
Nirvana Visions