Sunday, May 20, 2012

Flaming Elise

With a little bit here and a little bit there to go, I think she is pretty much ready and with just a few hours to spare too!
I humbly introduce my "Flaming Elise" and I am hoping that since a Lady Beetle landed on me while I was photographing her, that this might be a good sign that I have done well and she is ready.
Flaming Elise
1m x 1m
Acrylic, Charcoal and Oils on Gallery Linen
-For live auction at next month's "Give Me 5 For Kids" Sunshine Coast
Please contact me if you would like to bid by phone on the night.
A huge thanks to Elise for 'sitting' (quite literally) for me so that I could do this painting.
Please also check out my new website and pass it on if you have a moment or are just curious...
Tara Spicer

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Flaming Elise

Hello and welcome!

Inspired by Sir Frederick Leighton's 1895 painting "Flaming June" I am currently working on a piece to be donated to Give Me 5 for Kids 2012 to help raise funds for the Children's wing of Nambour Hospital. I donate to this cause every year and get very excited about the funds I can raise towards this cause!

So here is the original piece "Flaming June"

I am going to title my own interpretation of this painting as "Flaming Elise" as this is the name of the beautiful young lady featured in my own painting. So the following images are progression pics of the painting in the making:
Initial sketching phase:

Progressed sketching phase with a small introduction of paint:
Further painting in the figure and the cloth surrounding the figure:
I am a little anxious about showing my works unfinished, I hope that you enjoy watching the 'journey'.

More images will be posted and the auction date will be June 21st... The auction will be held on the Sunshine Coast and phone bids will be accepted. I will be posting updates as the piece progresses and as the auction date draws near.

In other news, I have a new website so if you are curious, I welcome you to visit this new refined site for what it has to offer to you :-) Soon, through this website I will be offering a shopping cart to purchase original works as well as a catalogue of books that I have had a hand in Illustrating or co-creating...

Warm Regards,
Tara Spicer