Monday, January 25, 2010

Warming Your Heart

Good Morning all,

Here is a small note to warm you up for Valentines, just a few weeks away and I know that you are looking for something that will last longer and be way more beautiful than a daggy old bunch of flowers!

Take your pick from my 'bunch' of paintings, a truly beautiful investment for your true love that will become even more valuable as your love grows!

You can also check out the full range of paintings available here.

Even better, when you buy a painting from Nirvana Visions, 10% of the sale profits will be donated to Oxfam, so you will also be helping others across the globe with your loving purchase... It just doesn't get better than this!

Paintings are selling quick, so pick your favorite and email me to secure the sale.

If you are one of my budding art students... now would be a fabulous time to create your own work of 'Heart-full Delight'... a super red expression of soul! Chat with me about what you would like to create for your true love, for the love of love, or for your self for your own beautiful home :-)

Stay tuned also for my Valentine's Offer... coming very very soon!

Tara Spicer

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Art tips online!

Hi All,

If you are currently attending art classes, or are curious to find out how I create different effects in my paintings NOW is your chance to find out some great art info!

Click here and find yourself at one of the worlds most beautiful and informative and yet welcoming art pages on the web! (Well I think so anyway).

On this page and in the 'Discussion' pages, I will now be posting little lessons and tips for your own use in creating your own beautiful artworks...

See you there,
Tara Spicer
Nirvana Visions.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Work...

'Magic Me'
Acrylic on Canvas
Painted to perfection :-)

I hope she brings a little magic to your day, currently available as a canvas print or framed print

Original work not for sale currently.

Warm Regards,
Tara Spicer
Nirvana Visions

Friday, January 15, 2010

New Year , New Art

Hello fellow art lovers!

Welcome to the new year and a new range of works at Nirvana Visions...

I have completed my second work from the 'Boat Lady Series', titled Degage... the act of disengaging from worry... Couldn't we all do with a little of that these days!

Acrylic on Gallery Linen Canvas
Available through Jenart Gallery
Mooloolaba. Qld.
PH: 07 54784844

I also have a beautiful new little woman for you and my most recent work in progress:

Heat Of Gold
Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Gallery Linen Canvas (plus loads of texture!)
Available through Jenart Gallery
Mooloolaba. Qld.
PH: 07 54784844

Magic Me:
So far simply graphite on canvas... but painting will commence tonight!

Accompanying Words of Wisdom:

Magic, laughter, love and light
Endurance through the darkest night
Hold steadfast to horizon's gaze
As life at times, is quite the maze

Let bare feet wander cross this earth
And nothing hold you from your mirth
And know, that all this life can be
Is written in a leaf of tea

Light of love shines through your eyes
To the angels, you have ties
From your heart pours sweet delight
You touch a soul and give it flight.

For any sales and queries, please feel free to contact me, Tara PH 0417231350