Thursday, October 25, 2012

New and elegant Fine Art Oil Painting available now by Tara Spicer


New and elegant Fine Art Oil Painting available now by Tara Spicer. A magical work incorporating a dash of circus fever, a mild obsession with tea cups as well as a strong under current of spiritual symbolism! And just what exactly is this particular Contemporary Australian artwork about?... The artist explains... "The idea for this new painting came to me as I was heading off to yoga one morning, taking just a little respite from from the ongoing joys and tribulations of day to day parenting. My thoughts were meandering around the fact that my little girl would just rather be with me, than without, and the troubles that she has had to endure so far on her  journey through this life and I was toying with the idea, that if I were the creator of this world, I would make it so that she would never have to fall, no matter how high she climbed, and that there would be plenty of time for tea and conversations and laughter and light... that she would realise that this life is just a show, that we are all on show, and that we can make this world as magical as we might desire! Of course there is merrit in having fallen and climbed back up, and most people feel totally alone at one point or another no matter how many friends might be in the room... and there seems to be not much time at all for tea and laughter and light, but all of this helps to create the beautiful well rounded person that we grow into..." 

Stacking It Up by Tara Spicer
Original Oil on Gallery Linen Fine Art Painting
150 x 100 x 3 cm.
For queries regarding the purchase of this painting, please contact the artist,.

Fine Art Prints are also now available through Nirvana Visions, so if you have a favorite painting that you have seen previously and would still like a beautifully created 'Print to Canvas' copy of the work to adorn your walls or as a gift, you can purchase it now!
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Now is a great time to order in time for Christmas! Even some unique and arty cards for Christmas gifts... hmmmm!

Next on the easel is a commissioned work of a nude, standing in a bath tub... stay tuned for this one! Painted directly onto wood panel with oil paints, rich in burgundy  gold and black, it is sure to be a luxurious and decadent piece to grace the walls of its' new home when completed.

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