Thursday, October 29, 2009

Closing Shop!

Hi All

Firstly, the good news: here is a glimpse at one of my latest paintings from a series I am creating titled "Life Boats". Sorry, but if you love it, it has already sold! Stay tuned for the next installment

The not so good news:... don't panic, it is not a total shut down... but as I merge into the world of fine art it is necessary to change tact and refine my public window now and then... For this reason, I am going to be closing my online shop of Affirmation Cards, Girly Goddess Shirts, Bags and more!

Of course I will still be selling original works through my Nirvana Visions store (which has been running hot lately!) and theer will still be select works available as prints through Red Bubble.

I will also be launching a new 'written works' section within my website that I am sure you will find enriching and enticing.

I look forward to hearing from you and please make any final purchases through my online shop (especially for Christmas) this week as it will be closing for good next Friday!

Love and Light,
Tara Spicer.

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