Saturday, November 7, 2009

Words of pure delight!

Welcome all to my latest news...

I am happy to announce that my beautiful website has had its' 'fine art overhaul' and is now in keeping with the current pace of my fine art career!

I have much to offer you through Nirvana Visions and as part of my new site, you now have access to not only my latest painted works, but now, also my written works. Now I am not one to boast (well, ok, you got me on that one), but it has been quoted that my written works are better than my painted works! So if you love my paintings, your soul will sing as you float through my written works...

A sneak peek...

I have missed your luminous glow in full bloom,
your sweet simplicity near the new moon.
Did you miss mine?

Stay with me a moment,
and I will share my 'self' with you,
and we will laugh
and we will remember how beautiful life is.

Please enjoy, as you wander around my Nirvana Visions, and feel free to share its' magic and delight with friends.

I will be showcasing a whole new series of works soon, just in time for Christmas, so if you are looking for something really special for yourself or for a friend... stay tuned! Warning, these new works are overflowing with rich color, warmth and pure delight as colors drip and swirl... each an enchanting moment for the eyes and the soul.

Tara Spicer
Nirvana Visions.

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